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The Loading Dock

or should I say Unloading dock

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archive for sub_divided's fanfic and origfic, mostly anime and manga
Fanfiction of sub_divided is archived here. So far that means

Death Note
Hunter x Hunter
Twelve Kingdoms

with single-fic forays into

The Arabian Nights
Avatar: the Last Airbender
BigBang (yes, the band)
Detective Conan
Eternal Sabbath
Full Metal Alchemist
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Libertines (yes, also the band)
Mainichi Seiten!
Nodame Cantabile
Shaman King
Yami no Matsuei

Anything under 500 words and not part of a series is referenced here. The rest you can find via the tags.

I generally post drafts to my regular journal 1-2 months before I post them here; you can look through my memories for a more up-to-date fic list but be warned that some of it is underedited. I don't expect that many people will use this community, but feel free to leave a comment here if you have something to say, or to stop by sub_divided if you don't mind reading personal stuff and fandom/RL babbling along with your fanfiction.