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The Loading Dock
or should I say Unloading dock
Shorts, backdated 
12th-Jan-2005 06:04 pm
Drabbles and the like are linked here, backdated like woah. By series:

One(ish)-liners Series include Avatar, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Samurai Champloo, Naruto, Monster, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, and Yami no Matsuei.

Battle Fairy Yukikaze
High Turnover Rate. Six linked shortfics, 80-300 words each, variations on a theme.
Swingers. "Jack thought, privately, that acid had nothing on this place." (573 words)

When I Was Young. 364 words, chibi Ishida and grandfather. "Tell him you aren't interested."
This is my Ultimate Attack!. 230 words on Ichigo's supreme shonen-ness, for chain_of_fics.

Death Note
Genderswap, takes 1 and 2. 100 words each, originally written for a deathnote100 challenge but never submitted.
For Those Who Need Third Chances. 441 words for dn100's "consequences" challenge, OCs.
Saturday Night Conversations. 383 words for the same challenge, OCs again. No one ever thinks of the poor defense attorneys.
Drinking Games. Raito and L, another dn100 challenge. What a waste of good wine.
Vienna, 1865. Historical AU, for dn100's "alternate professions" challenge. Officer's outfit = kinky.
Crybaby. Another dn100 challenge (broken record, yah!), this time starring Sayu. What if?
Kira "Psychic Killer" Denied Bail. For the "in the end" challenge, sort of evil.
Cover-up. For the "Minor Characters" challenge and feturing Aizawa and lots and lots of domesticity.
In Code. For the "Puns" challenge so I don't think I have to mention how lame it is.
Letters. Written for svz_insanity on her birthday.
L's First Case Prologue. Never finished and can't remember how it would have ended either, woe.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Six-word ficbits. Enough to tease, not enough to satisfy ;_;.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Four "Annrose" Drabbles. For the challenge at iserlohn and featuring Geisha!Annrose.
Eight "Democracy" Drabbles. For iserlohn, way late, not really drabbles. OCs, some Yang & Julian, all Alliance-centric.
Five "AU" Drabbles. Historical AUs for iserlohn, no spoilers. Reinhardt and Seigfried, Yang and Julian, Dusty.

Progress Report. Nagisa, Seven, and Ritsu don't like writing progress reports.
Sensation Threshold. Ritsuka discusses S&M with his therapist. NO REALLY.
Hypnosis. Ritsuka and therapist, again. Sort of a fluff fic.

Hikaru no Go
Way of Difference abortive attempt at 1)31_days fic and 2) AkiHika requestfic. Go-centric.

Hunter x Hunter:
Try Everything Once. 100 words, Killua and Gon and a fundamental difference in philosophy.

Bruises. 100 words. Ginko, gen, sort of dark.

Kunai. Shikamaru/Temari, 100 words. No, I don't know why she's angry either.

Prince of Tennis
Non-trivial. Ryoma-centric, takes the tennis seriously. Err, sort of.
Concetration. Sillyness, entirely dialogue, more Ryoma nonsense.
(Very Brief) Letter. Written for svz_insanity on her birthday.

Twelve Kingdoms
We're relying on you: please take care of him. Taiki fluff. The title is awkward, but necessary.

Saiunkoku Monogatari
Astronomy. Seiran, Ensei, Seiran's horrible personality.

roses (by iconz_kthx)
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