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Nighttime at the Office

This one hints at shonen-ai and was written for kidinair.

DEATH NOTE (isn't mine)

Title: Nighttime at the Office
Rating: G
Hints: Raito/L/Raito
Genre: Introspective
Summary: Raito makes L coffee, L thinks about Raito and Kira and what it would mean if they're the same.

Aizawa had been the last of the investigators to leave, although they'd all been ushered out at roughly the same time. Chief Yagami had been the first, and he'd left with his head high and eyes resolutely ahead as if he was not at all concerned by the way his son chose to spend his free time. Whether Raito was with L who suspected him of murder, or at home studying for exams, what business was it of his? None. Which was a lie, of course, but not one L would ever call him on.

He'd always liked those old-fashioned family dramas.

"Ryuuka?" Raito asked, his voice muffled by the dividing door. "Where is last week's criminal report?"

"On the bed, next to the nightstand," L said. In the other room, Raito started to laugh.

"What is it?" L asked, curiosity coloring his voice (for once). He found very few things fascinating, but Raito - or Kira - was one of them. Or was that "and Kira"?

He turned to see Raito standing casually in the doorway, report already in hand. He did not lean - never had, in fact. "Nothing much. Only that I told Mom and Sayu I'd be seeing Misa at a hotel tonight, and I just realized that's exactly what this office is."

He was smiling as he said it, and L wondered, briefly, what Raito was getting out of this. Extra hours neither proved nor disproved that he was Kira - if anything, they increased the likelihood that he was. Surely Raito knew that? Furthermore, to overlook anything seemed uncharacteristic of him.

A neutral response, then. "Ah. I have also gotten used to thinking of this room as my office."

Raito nodded and disappeared back into the other room, not bothering to close the door behind him. He had answered without hesitation - classically, that indicated that he was either telling the truth or an accomplished liar. Since he was also Kira, L had a pretty good idea of which it was. Getting back to his earlier train of thought - L hadn't yet found a way to turn off his brain - that made Raito very interesting indeed.

Who was more interesting, Raito or Kira? Knowing that they were the same person made things convenient, but it didn't answer the fundamental question.

"Sorry to interrupt, but may I borrow your coffee pot?" Raito asked. He must have been absolutely silent coming back through the open door, because L hadn't noticed. "If I'm going to be with you all night, I'd like a cup."

Raito didn't need caffeine to keep his wits sharp. L, though, wouldn't mind some sugar. "That's fine," he said. "You can pour me one as well."

Raito silently gathered the cups. This was nice, being served. What had Raito said before? 'At a hotel.' Right now he was pouring coffee for L as if it were the most natural thing in the world, three lumps of sugar just the way he liked it.

'Coffee, at a hotel. With you all night.'

L, who knew his own limitations better than anyone, was aware that he'd never been very good at obvious. Still, he was pretty sure that Raito couldn't have meant it that way; heavy-handed innuendo might have been his style with the ladies, but he'd never stoop to using it against L.

Raito had apparently handed him his cup already because he was drinking it, the liquid unexpectedly hot as it tore down his throat. That sort of hurt, didn't it? Like his esophogus was made of sandpaper? He'd have to be more careful. Raito, who had been paying better attention than he had, was giving him a worried look.

"Was it too hot?" he asked. "I'm sorry, I should have checked. Here."

He was offering L a folded piece of cloth. It figured that Raito would be last person in Tokyo to carry a pocket handkerchief. He was asking something: "Are you hurt?"

"No," L said. "It was nothing." He took the proffered cloth anyway, rubbing it over his lips and the non-existent coffee there.

He liked Raito better, L decided. Whether or not that was because he knew Raito was Kira sometimes, he couldn't be sure; for all he knew plain old Raito would have bored him. It was a pity he'd never get the chance to find out. Although...

Hopefully Raito wasn't Kira right at this moment.
Tags: death note, oneshot, shonen ai-ish

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