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SasuHina, Scene 1

Hey guys, after some thought I've decided to remove this story from here. It's still on, where it's categorized as "angst/tragedy", in part because I signed up for with an old email address that no longer exists LMAO so there's no way I can take any of my stuff down from there.

It also exists somewhere deep in the archives of my old LiveJournal, which I do have access to edit, but again this will require some effort and motivation for you to find. There's some more context on those posts for why I wrote this and what my intentions were.

Briefly, I've decided to take this story down because it wasn't connecting with the audience in the way that I intended it to. I personally thought that Sasuke/Hinata would be the worst pairing possible, just completely abusive and awful, and fearing Kishimoto would eventually take Naruto in a terrible het ending direction (which he did) I wrote this story to show just how bad it would be. Sasuke is abusive, Hinata is a doormat and there's a domestic rape in the first chapter. I wanted to show that we shouldn't want this for the characters.

However, most of the reviews I got on (for a while this was my most reviewed story) merely said that they liked it and wished I would continue. >__> Some readers wanted a redemption arc for Sasuke, which was not going to happen ever, and it just seems cruel to keep the story up where people will either hate it, be triggered by it, or want something out of it that I don't want to give.

Anyway, the times they are a 'changing and it's just way less acceptable to write we used to call 'angst' stories now, especially trashy ones about abuse that the readers (whether intended by the author or not) may view as romantic. I've written some other stories that touch on these themes in a more empathetic and, I think, clearly telegraphed as not supportive way and this particular story is just not worth reading anymore IMO.

Thanks for reading my note, enjoy your day guys <3

-sub_divided in 2019
Tags: het, naruto, sasuhina, series

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