April 5th, 2005

roses (by iconz_kthx)

Eternal Sabbath, Nonsensical Suicide Fic

Somewhat obscure manga by the mangaka of MARS. You can download it here; highly recommended.

ETERNAL SABBATH (isn't mine, no profit intended)

Title: Not Yours
Rating: PG13 for suicide. Please don't read if this bothers you.
Genre: psychological horror
Summary: A friend of Kujo's dies; she and an OC discuss. Hints at interference from Izaku.
Notes: Originally for chain_of_fics.

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roses (by iconz_kthx)

Death Note, Leagalism

From an article about the new Japanese legal system to be instituted in 2009 (page 7). To sum up: under Japan's current system there is no trial by jury, only by judge, and the conviction rate is 99%.

DEATH NOTE (Doesn't belong to me.)

Title: Legalism
Summary: Light and the investigators talk Law
Genre: Character analysis disguised as ideological debate.
Warnings: Post-chapter 59 fic, so, SPOILERS.
Additional warnings: Dialogue-heavy, not an AU.

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Additional Sources: Article about strategy in chess and fencing.