January 12th, 2005

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Shorts, backdated

Drabbles and the like are linked here, backdated like woah. By series:

One(ish)-liners Series include Avatar, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Samurai Champloo, Naruto, Monster, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, and Yami no Matsuei.

Battle Fairy Yukikaze
High Turnover Rate. Six linked shortfics, 80-300 words each, variations on a theme.
Swingers. "Jack thought, privately, that acid had nothing on this place." (573 words)

When I Was Young. 364 words, chibi Ishida and grandfather. "Tell him you aren't interested."
This is my Ultimate Attack!. 230 words on Ichigo's supreme shonen-ness, for chain_of_fics.

Death Note
Genderswap, takes 1 and 2. 100 words each, originally written for a deathnote100 challenge but never submitted.
For Those Who Need Third Chances. 441 words for dn100's "consequences" challenge, OCs.
Saturday Night Conversations. 383 words for the same challenge, OCs again. No one ever thinks of the poor defense attorneys.
Drinking Games. Raito and L, another dn100 challenge. What a waste of good wine.
Vienna, 1865. Historical AU, for dn100's "alternate professions" challenge. Officer's outfit = kinky.
Crybaby. Another dn100 challenge (broken record, yah!), this time starring Sayu. What if?
Kira "Psychic Killer" Denied Bail. For the "in the end" challenge, sort of evil.
Cover-up. For the "Minor Characters" challenge and feturing Aizawa and lots and lots of domesticity.
In Code. For the "Puns" challenge so I don't think I have to mention how lame it is.
Letters. Written for svz_insanity on her birthday.
L's First Case Prologue. Never finished and can't remember how it would have ended either, woe.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Six-word ficbits. Enough to tease, not enough to satisfy ;_;.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Four "Annrose" Drabbles. For the challenge at iserlohn and featuring Geisha!Annrose.
Eight "Democracy" Drabbles. For iserlohn, way late, not really drabbles. OCs, some Yang & Julian, all Alliance-centric.
Five "AU" Drabbles. Historical AUs for iserlohn, no spoilers. Reinhardt and Seigfried, Yang and Julian, Dusty.

Progress Report. Nagisa, Seven, and Ritsu don't like writing progress reports.
Sensation Threshold. Ritsuka discusses S&M with his therapist. NO REALLY.
Hypnosis. Ritsuka and therapist, again. Sort of a fluff fic.

Hikaru no Go
Way of Difference abortive attempt at 1)31_days fic and 2) AkiHika requestfic. Go-centric.

Hunter x Hunter:
Try Everything Once. 100 words, Killua and Gon and a fundamental difference in philosophy.

Bruises. 100 words. Ginko, gen, sort of dark.

Kunai. Shikamaru/Temari, 100 words. No, I don't know why she's angry either.

Prince of Tennis
Non-trivial. Ryoma-centric, takes the tennis seriously. Err, sort of.
Concetration. Sillyness, entirely dialogue, more Ryoma nonsense.
(Very Brief) Letter. Written for svz_insanity on her birthday.

Twelve Kingdoms
We're relying on you: please take care of him. Taiki fluff. The title is awkward, but necessary.

Saiunkoku Monogatari
Astronomy. Seiran, Ensei, Seiran's horrible personality.
Only a Madman. Emergency Kou family meeting,
Skeletons. Why Shurei doesn't know her dad is the oldest son of the Kou clan.

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Less Than Ideal, Chapter 0

This is a first fandom post. In fact, this is the first thing I've ever written that wasn't for school. So, badness ahead.

NARUTO (isn't mine)

Title: Less Than Ideal
Pairings: Could be read as SasuNaru, but no more so than the show itself. Probably less so.
Synopsis: You know the action scene that starts every James Bond flick? This is that scene. Naruto and Sasuke prove that they can work together, and well, on a mission involving a few renegade Mist Ninjas. This is the prologue to a longer and as-yet unwritten fic.
Chapter List: prologue 1 2 3

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Less Than Ideal, Chapter 1

I'm not going to finish this, I think.

NARUTO (isn't mine)

Title: Less Than Ideal
Pairings: None, really. SasuNaru if you're obsessive. SakuLee if you squint.
Description (this chapter): Sakura at 17. From whence comes strength?
The entire thing could be described as Naruto-centric mission fic revolving around Sasuke. With digressions.
Chapter List: prologue 1 2 3

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Less Than Ideal, Chapter 2

I ended the chapter earlier than originally planned. It's a stylistic thing - this way I don't have to change viewpoints mid-chapter. (Also, I suck at attention spans)

NARUTO (isn't mine)

Title: Less Than Ideal
Pairings: None, really. SasuNaru if you're obsessive. SakuLee if you squint.
Summary (this chapter): The Hokage gets to the part with the plot.
The entire thing could be described as Naruto-centric mission fic revolving around Sasuke. With digressions.
Chapter List: prologue 1 2 3

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(no subject)

In the original script, Naruto's disguise was going to come from all the bad self-insertion fics I'd read--basically he'd dress up like a Mary Sue. You can still see a bit of this in his choice of outfit.

NARUTO (isn't mine)

Title: Less Than Ideal
Pairings: Could be read as SasuNaru, but no more so than the show itself. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Summary (this chapter): Umm, same as the chapter title.
Summary (whole story): It's Naruto's first solo mission. The stakes are high for any number of reasons, but mostly because the target is Uchiha Itachi. Sasuke will forgive him somehow. He thinks.
Chapter List: prologue 1 2 3

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There is a fourth chapter for this, but it's been in revisions for months. I'll post it when/if I ever get around to finishing this, ja? It's planned out to eight chapters plus epilogue, or at least that's what I remember from the notebook that's mysteriously gone missing.
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Encyclopedia Conan and the Case of the Refridgerated Corpse, Mystery

It's a solve-your-own-mystery! How good is your logic? Put it to the test! I'm putting the mystery and a hint here, and the solution in the next post. Absolutely no knowledge of Detective Conan/ Case Closed needed.

DETECTIVE CONAN (isn't mine)

Title: Encyclopedia Conan and the Case of the Refridgerated Corpse
Genre: Solve-your-own-mystery/Encyclopedia Brown homage
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of grisley death
Notes: Meant primarily as a logic puzzle, so no one is particularly in character. The solution is here

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Encyclopedia Conan and the Case of the Refridgerated Corpse, Solution and Epilogue

This is the solution to a solve-your-own mystery! Please don't read unless you've already read the mystery and come up with a solution of your own.

DETECTIVE CONAN (isn't mine)

Mystery is here.
Hint is here.

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I've got a few more mystery ideas but probably won't write them--not until after I flesh this one out a bit more, at least.
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Originally written in commemoration of my reaching the end of Neal Gaiman's American Gods--all I wanted to do was make fun of Gaiman's writing style. (I failed, dismally, but oh well.)

SHAMAN KING (isn't mine)

Title: Worshippers
Rating: G, like everything I write
Genre: Overwrought mysticism
Summary: There is a legend told to a certain Indian tribe, about the coming of a savior whose twin is pure evil...

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My Shaman King is a little shaky since I never finished the series.
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After-School Activities

The only explicitly shonen-ai thing I've ever written, although I am working on another (which will also be for Death Note).

DEATH NOTE (isn't mine)

Title: After-School Activities
Paring: Raito/L
Rating: PG-13! Some groping.
Summary: He suspected Raito saw the inherent humor of the situation, how neatly the lesson paralleled his own life (although perhaps he didn’t think it was funny). In any case he must have known that L was looking at him rather than at the chalkboard...

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Psychobabble comes courtesy of this essay.
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This was a doomed project from the very beginning--for starters the basis is canonically wrong, and really it all goes downhill from there.


Title: Paradox
Rating: PG-13 for seriously attempted murder
Genre: CROSSOVER. With what should be obvious by the end.
Summary: The Englishman was once again embarrassed. Actually, he seemed to be in a perpetual state of embarrassment which varied only by degree.

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Tribute to Borghes

This is so obviously influenced by Borghes that it's not even funny; if it was any more obvious I'd be committing plagarism.

DEATH NOTE (isn't mine)

Title: The Comtemplation of Former Investigator Aizawa
Rating: PG
Genre: Horror
Spoilers: For chapter 40
Summary: Aizawa broods on the Kira situation in a way that's completely out of character.

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EDIT Very late addendum, because it's been bothering me. Though I alluded to Borges and plagiarism when I posted this, I failed to state clearly:

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I'm Your Greatest Fan (A Week in the Life)

Stars an original character, but hopefully it's nothing too boring.

DEATH NOTE (isn't mine)

Title: I'm Your Greatest Fan (A Week in the Life)
Rating: PG
Genre: Tongue-in-cheek character sketch
Summary: Hana had two jobs and never enough sleep, and still managed to find the time and resources to devote to Kira-sama; it was too bad the other members couldn't be as dedicated.

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SasuHina, Scene 1

Hey guys, after some thought I've decided to remove this story from here. It's still on fanfiction.net, where it's categorized as "angst/tragedy", in part because I signed up for fanfiction.net with an old email address that no longer exists LMAO so there's no way I can take any of my stuff down from there.

It also exists somewhere deep in the archives of my old LiveJournal, which I do have access to edit, but again this will require some effort and motivation for you to find. There's some more context on those posts for why I wrote this and what my intentions were.

Briefly, I've decided to take this story down because it wasn't connecting with the audience in the way that I intended it to. I personally thought that Sasuke/Hinata would be the worst pairing possible, just completely abusive and awful, and fearing Kishimoto would eventually take Naruto in a terrible het ending direction (which he did) I wrote this story to show just how bad it would be. Sasuke is abusive, Hinata is a doormat and there's a domestic rape in the first chapter. I wanted to show that we shouldn't want this for the characters.

However, most of the reviews I got on fanfiction.net (for a while this was my most reviewed story) merely said that they liked it and wished I would continue. >__> Some readers wanted a redemption arc for Sasuke, which was not going to happen ever, and it just seems cruel to keep the story up where people will either hate it, be triggered by it, or want something out of it that I don't want to give.

Anyway, the times they are a 'changing and it's just way less acceptable to write we used to call 'angst' stories now, especially trashy ones about abuse that the readers (whether intended by the author or not) may view as romantic. I've written some other stories that touch on these themes in a more empathetic and, I think, clearly telegraphed as not supportive way and this particular story is just not worth reading anymore IMO.

Thanks for reading my note, enjoy your day guys <3

-sub_divided in 2019
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The expansion of an approximately 200 word drabble.

DEATH NOTE (owns me; I don't own it)

Title: Amnesia
Rating: PG
Genre: Horror
Warnings: Spoilers for chapters 36 & 37; too much expostion.
Summary: No one can have a large part of his brain rewritten with no consequences. Raito-centric: deja vu and weird dreams ahead.

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Burn Down (Misa)

This was supposed to fit into the part of the storyline just after Misa says she'll kill people for Raito, but by the time I'd finished it she'd already been captured! Death Note fanfic: it's like trying to build a house in the middle of a flood.

Written in the present tense because there's cops and cop pieces are always written in the present tense.

DEATH NOTE (continues to own me and not the other way around)

Title: Burn Down (Misa)
Rating: PG
Genre: Introspective + Suspense
Summary: Misa is caught up in an arson investigation.

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Good vs. Evil

This fic is because Leareth wrote about Raito's God-complex. It's the compainion piece for L and his... well.

DEATH NOTE (isn't mine)

Title: Good vs. Evil
Rating: G
Genre: Character study
Characters: L, Matsuda
Summary: Matsuda glanced over at L, hunched over his laptop as always, and wondered how he did it: how did he stay awake and how did he maintain the scrunched posture of a domestic abuse victim?

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Love Must Be Like Death

Because memlu made this post where she asked for drabbles using the first lines of her drabbles, and because her first lines are all so good that I couldn't help but be inspired.

YAMI NO MATSUEI (isn't mine)

Title: Love Must Be Like Death
Rating: G
Pairng: Tsuzuki/Hisoka (my OTP!)
Genre: WAFF
Summary: Tsuzuki and Hisoka discuss philosophy over gardening and tea. Inspired by a parable in the Lotus Sutra.

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Misa Hates Abstract Art

And I hate this fic. An excercise in shallowness.

DEATH NOTE (not mine)

Title: Misa Hates Abstract Art
Rating: G
In Misa's Dreams, Not in this Fic: Light/Misa
Genre: Introspective with backstory
Warning: Spoilers for after chapter 37.
Summary: Misa thinks. "A high-class hotel is still a hotel, somewhere that doesn't feel like home. A luxurious prison is a prison all the same."

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Methods of Interrogation

teleophase is doing a doujinshi based on this fic. If you want to know more, ask her; she'll be selling copies at cons and maybe through her website.

DEATH NOTE (isn't mine)

Title: Methods of Interrogation
Rating: PG-13 for "techniques of persuasion"
Genre: Horror, Suspense
Summary: There's a fine line between interrogation and torture. A battle of minds on an uneven playing field.
Notes: Set during chapter 35 of the manga. The second half of this is slightly AU: it requires that Light not give up his Death Note after a week in confinement.

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It's A Start

I think I must have subconsciously wanted to write FMA for a long, long time. For chain_of_fics.


Title: It's A Start
Rating: PG for language
Genre: slightly caustic WAFF
Warning: Takes place post-anime series and has SPOILERS for same. Note that I said anime and not manga.
Characters: Ed and Hohenheim
Summary: "Dad. Would you please get the hell out of my lab?"

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