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The Loading Dock
or should I say Unloading dock
^^See post title.

NARUTO is a manga series by Kishimoto that was pretty cool back in 2005 when I wrote this.

Title: The One Where Kankuro Gets Drunk in a Bar
Wordcount: ~750
Characters: Kankuro, original
Note: What it says on the tin

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18th-May-2019 10:14 pm - Original - Paradise Lost
Another original story. Originally written for Imaginary Beast's "Dichotomy" issue which, as the zine editor, I can now admit was a theme I made up purely because I wanted the excuse to write this story. In retrospect it was a bad choice, I could have just written this anyway and the other contributors had a hard time with the theme. ^^ But ah well.

IMAGINARY BEASTS is the webzine I edited with lilacfield... this story does actually belong to me!!!

Title: Paradise Lost
Wordcount: ~2800
Characters: original
Note: The rest of the "dichotomy" stories are here.

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18th-May-2019 02:58 pm - Original - Talking Heads
OK, so this is an original story. It's not a great original story, since the title is very literal (as in, this story is just two characters talking to each other with no other plot whatsoever) but I do kinda like the ideas. Originally written for Imaginary Beast's "Utopia" issue.

IMAGINARY BEASTS is the webzine I edited with lilacfield... this story does actually belong to me!!!

Title: Talking Heads
Wordcount: ~3100
Characters: original
Note: Written so there'd be enough entries for the "Utopia" issue. Is there really such a thing as a "utopia", though?

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17th-May-2019 10:02 pm - Loveless - Call Me Anytime
So here it is. My unfinished multi chapter fic for Loveless. Why post this now? Why DIDN'T I ever post this back then? I guess, at the time, I wanted the entire thing done and edited before putting the "final" version here. And I guess, right now, I'm just feeling kind of nostalgic and looking to put all of my writing (good or bad) in one place. How about this, if Yun Kōga ever (finally) finishes the manga then I will (finally) finish this story.

LOVELESS is a perpetually unfinished manga series by Yun Kōga. But she did eventually finish Earthian!

Title: Call Me Anytime (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)
Wordcount: ~6500
Characters: Soubi, Ritsuka, others
Note: When I started this I had no idea where it was going, and I still don't. So. Fair warning. This also needs a trigger warning because Ritsuka is an underaged abuse victim and Soubi is a creep and abuse survivor who hasn't done enough processing on his own trauma and is repeating those patterns with Ritsuka, canonically.

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30th-Mar-2007 06:53 pm - Twelve Kingdoms - Leadership
I had this posted to 12k_drabbles until I realized I wouldn't be able to edit it there.

TWELVE KINGDOMS is a novel series by Fuyumi Ono

Title: Leadership
Wordcount: ~750
Characters: Youko/Keiki, in a GEN way.
Note: I could write about the downfalls of emperors until the end of time.

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29th-Jan-2007 09:21 pm - Jojo (Part 1) - An Honest Day's Work
Victorian ghost story! XD

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (is the weird and wonderful creation of Hirohiko Araki)

Title: An Honest Day's Work
Characters: Dio and Dario
Summary: There's a graveyard. And um.

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I'm not sure how canonical this is. Hopefully it's okay? Another one for chain_of_fics.


Title: Elections
Rating: PG
About: Politics
Characters: Reinhardt et al.
Set: Some unspecified time after episode 72.

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29th-Jan-2007 08:52 pm - Nodame Cantabile - Type B Orchestra
November was not a good month for fanfic. ^^; Originally for chain_of_fics.


Title: Type B Orchestra
Rating: G
Word Count: 944
Genre: Exposition-heavy character study
Note: Based on the drama, not the manga, despite the fact that I have only seen the first two episodes. I also don't know anything about music.

...feel free to beat me with sticks okay?

29th-Jan-2007 08:55 pm - Mainichi Seiten! - Summer Shopping
Mainichi Seiten is a BL series about four brothers who are all gay (but not for each other). It's great. This ficlet is not so great, but you shouldn't let that discourage you. Originally for chain_of_fics.

MAINICHI SEITEN! (doesn't belong to me)

Title: Summer Shopping
Rating: G
Characters: Yuuta, Mayumi
Is it Shounen Ai: You decide.

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22nd-Nov-2006 02:13 am - Loveless - The Anti OTP
For tin's "subvert your OTP" challenge.

LOVELESS (continues to be the intellectual property of Kouga Yun)

Wordcount: Around 800
Pairing: Ritsuka/Soubi
Summary: Soubi takes Ritsuka shopping
Note: Challenge is here

The Anti OTPCollapse )

Maybe a little heavy-handed, but hopefully it was as horrifying as it was supposed to be, as per the rules of tin's challenge.
22nd-Nov-2006 01:33 am - Loveless - Cigaretta
Another one written for chain_of_fics.

LOVELESS (is the property of Kouga Yun)

Title: Cigaretta
Word Count: 743
Characters: Ritsu, Soubi.
PSA: underaged smoking is bad!

CigarettaCollapse )
22nd-Nov-2006 01:23 am - Loveless - Obedience
Written for chain_of_fics. Had to start with a pretty difficult first line.

LOVELESS (is the epic tale of a six-grade catboy and his stalker college boyfriend, and doesn't belong to me)

Title: Obedience
Word Count: 927
Characters: Ritsu, Nagisa
Note: I have kidnapped Ritsu-sensei and replaced him with someone more talkative.

ObedienceCollapse )
22nd-Nov-2006 01:16 am - Twelve Kingdoms - Short Vacation
This was written for an anonymous requester on obakesan.

THE TWELVE KINGDOMS (is also known as Juuni Kokki, and isn't mine)

Title: Short Vacation
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Pairing: Youko/Rakushun
Note: 50 bu = approximately the length of a football field

Short VacationCollapse )
21st-Nov-2006 09:27 pm - Mushishi - Pillars
I totally hated this when I wrote it but I guess I hate it less now.

MUSHISHI (is a very cool anime and manga series that doesn't belong to me)

Title: Pillars
Fandom: Mushishi
Characters: Ginko, Original
Genre: Psuedo-episode type thing
Notes: Absolutely no knowledge of Mushishi required to read this. In fact it might be better if you don't know anything. Based on the anime, up to episode twelve.

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2nd-Aug-2006 02:24 am - Arabian Nights - The Jeweler and...
Did you know that Edgar Allen Poe wrote a story called "The Thousand and Second Night" where Shaharazad commits suicide?

THE ARABIAN NIGHTS (Are in the public domain! *rejoices*)

Title: The Jeweler and the Man from Mosul
Book: The Arabian Nights, trans. Hussain Haddaway
Note: BLOCK PARAGRAPHS OF DEATH, other forms of tediousness.
Note2: Written as an actual Night, so I guess it's more orignal fiction than fanfiction.

StoryCollapse )

The ending is sketchy. Actually, the whole thing is sketchy.
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